BSC Token

Anti-whale mechanics

We do not want someone to hoard all of the tokens, which is why a wallet’s size limit is critical. Additionally, we don’t want someone to execute a large sell transaction, resulting in a dramatic drop in the token price.
Therefore, at launch, the max transaction is set to 0.5% and the max wallet to 1% of the total supply. It will be increased once the price has stabilized.

Anti-snipe mechanics

The smart contract has a transfer delay feature which essentially makes sure snipers don’t buy too much, too early. The contract also has an enableTrade function which will allow us to add the liquidity safely.

Auto burn

2% of every sell transaction will be burned which will result in a constant decrease of the total supply making the token deflationary.

Anti-dumping protocol

We increased the sell tax by 4% for the first hour after launch to discourage dumping.
The Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) smart contract has been developed by Sir Tris of KnightsDefi (@Sir_Tris), a very well-known Solidity developer in the crypto space.