Value Proposition

Why is this project special? What’s your competitive advantage?
We’ve got an exceptionally strong team with a proven track record of launching successful tokens and the marketing budget to hype this token to the moon! Additionally, we’re working to become the first reward token to launch on MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain and the 3rd party NFT Marketplace on the MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain.
You can read more about our roadmap here.
What’s the utility of your token?
Our aim is to become the first reward token on MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain and the 3rd party NFT Marketplace on MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain.
It’s important to note that the NFT Marketplace depends on the readiness of the MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain infrastructure, which is still under construction.
While we look forward to increased cooperation and a partnership with the MTV team as we prepare our token for launch on the MultiVAC (MTV) Blockchain, we are not officially endorsed by them at this time.

Team Details

Who’s on the core team? What about the extended team?
The MTVX core team is composed of two real-life friends, Sean and Rick. Both are engineers by trade with over 20 years of combined professional experience. They’ve been long-term crypto investors. Rick lives in the US and Sean lives in Belgium.
As for the extended team, Sean and Rick are working closely with 8 skilled professionals with a wide variety of experience necessary to pull off a project of this magnitude.
Is the team doxxed?
Yep, the team is doxxed. You can find details on our online documentation under the DOX & Audit section.
How long has the core team worked together?
Sean and Rick have been friends and colleagues for many years and worked on multiple projects together.
Is this project the sole focus for the core team?
While both Sean and Rick would like to spend all their time working for you apes, they both have businesses in the real world...for the time being ;) We can assure you that they’re both 100% dedicated to making this project successful and are putting in the hours necessary to do so.
What other projects have the developers worked on or been involved with?
This is our first project and we made sure to surround ourselves with the best marketers.
Is there a vesting period for the team and if so how is it being used?
Nope, there is no team vesting and there aren’t any team tokens.

Token Development

Who created your smart contract? Is the contract a fork of another contract or was it made from scratch?
The smart contract was created by Sir Tris, who we're sure many of you know of. He’s an extremely well-known Solidity developer in the crypto space. He forked his previous contract and tailored it to meet our unique needs.
Will the contract be renounced?
No, we have no plans to renounce the contract!
Why did you name the token MTVX?
MTV in the name refers to MultiVAC MTV (mtv.ac) and the X just sounds rad! See: FlokiX and AstroFlokiX ;)

Token Features

Is there an anti-whale/max wallet size?
Absolutely! At launch the max transaction is set to 0.5% of the total supply and the max wallet will be set to 1% of the total supply. These limits will be increased once the price has stabilized.
Are there any burn or buyback features planned? If so, what’s the purpose?
Yes, each sell will burn 2%. This is to create a truly deflationary token. We will also buy back and burn from time to time out of our marketing or dev wallets. We do this to ensure our Tokenomics remain strong.
Are you planning any anti-bot measures for the presale and launch? If yes, what kind of measures? How do these measures affect investors?
We are. Our smart contract has a transfer delay feature which essentially makes sure snipers don’t buy too much, too early. The contract also has an enableTrade function, which will allow us to add to the liquidity pool safely.


What are your Tokenomics?
Great question, the standard Tokenomics are: Buy tax: 12% 4% reflections $ETH 4% marketing 2% development 2% liquidity Sell tax: 16% 6% reflections $ETH 4% marketing 2% auto burn 2% development 2% liquidity Additionally, as part of our marketing efforts, we’re going to offer special discounts during our happy hours. During these happy hours the buy tax will be reduced to 4% and the sell tax will be raised to 25%. This is a GREAT time to get some extra tokens and ride this thing to the moon!
Lastly, to protect the community, we’re going to raise the sell tax by 4% for the first hour after launch to discourage dumping.
Are there any reflections?
Yep, there sure are. We offer reflections in $ETH based on our Tokenomics.
What’s the minimum amount of tokens to hold for rewards?
You must hold at least 10000 MTVX tokens to be eligible for rewards.
Are Wallet-to-Wallet transactions taxed?
No, wallet-to-wallet transactions are not taxed.
How exactly is your token deflationary? Is this done through a burn wallet or is it an actual burn to a dead wallet?
We implemented a 2% burn on each sell to decrease the overall supply. So our token is deflated via a reduction in supply.
What’s the pre-sale hardcap?
The pre-sale hard cap is 300 BNBs.
What do you anticipate the initial market cap will be at launch?
We’re expecting the initial market cap to be around $300k to $350k.
In terms of overall market cap, where do you think this project could go?
The short answer is: TO THE MOON! But seriously, we believe a market cap of $7M is entirely realistic given the success we’ve had to date.
Are the tax rates variable? If so, what are the parameters? Will there be any reduced tax events?
Yes, the tax rates are variable during two key periods.
First, we will announce happy hours and combine them with news and other promos to encourage new investors to buy-in. During our happy hours, the buy tax will be reduced to 4% and the sell tax will be increased to 25%.
Second, to discourage dumping, we’re going to increase the sell tax rate to 20% (a 4% increase) for the first hour after launch.
How long will liquidity be locked? What platform are you using?
Liquidity will be locked for 1 year at Pinksale.

Marketing & Communications

What is your marketing budget?
We have an initial marketing budget of $80K that will grow based on how successful our initial launch is.
What’s your pre-launch & post-launch marketing plan? How will you hype this thing?
Great question! As you may have seen in our Telegram group, pre-launch we took out a billboard in Times Square in NYC. If you haven’t seen that, we highly recommend you check it out, it is awesome! Additionally, we hosted a shilling contest in exchange for white list spots and got shoutouts in over 40 call groups. We also worked with crypto influencers such as CryptoGems555 and Travladd to bring awareness to our project.
After we launch we’ll continue to draw on these marketing channels and we’ll double down with key influencers and celebrities to hype it. We’re also going to leverage the community through new shilling competitions and giveaways. Our goals are transparency and open communication. We know how important it is to keep our community engaged so we’ll provide updates on a consistent basis.
Which influencers have you worked with?
We’re working closely with:
  • London Crypto
  • Maestro Crypto bri
  • CryptoGems555
  • Travladd
  • Crypto Pickles
Just to name a few...
How are influencers being compensated?
Our main influencers are being paid in BNBs from our marketing and private sale wallet and our partners in the smaller organic call groups are being offered a combination of white list spots and eventually small quantities of BNBs.
Have you done an AMA previously?
No, we have not. We do intend to continue regular communication and we’ve also got this comprehensive online documentation section, which we'll be adding to over time.
Will there be an AMA or open voice chat during the live presale and live launch?
Yep! We’ll have an open voice chat during both the presale and launch.
Are you giving away any free tokens? If so, what is the lock/vesting of those tokens? How many have you given away and how will you prevent dumping?
We did some giveaway competitions but not for a significant amount of tokens, usually in the 50-150 dollar range. With such a small volume, we’re not concerned about dumping and its effect on the market.

Pre-Sale & Launch Details

Did you have a seed/private sale? If so, how many wallets participated and what was the hard cap? What was min/max buy?
Yes, we had a private sale last week with a hard cap of 50 BNBs and max commitment of 1.5 BNBs. We sold out extremely fast.
How does the presale work? Is it public?
Our presale is whitelisted. Whitelisted wallets will have 5 minutes to commit their BNBs and after that, we’ll open it up to the public. We anticipate it selling out before that happens...
What is the whitelisting process?
We hosted a few competitions in which people could earn whitelist spots. For example, we offered a SweepWidget competition. We also offered whitelist spots through giveaway promotions in select call groups.
How many wallets will be whitelisted?
We’re whitelisting about 450 wallets.
Which platform will the project be launched on first? Why?
We’re launching on PancakeSwap first as it supports BSC. Later we’ll launch on Uniswap once we’re ready.
What’s to prevent early investors from dumping their tokens right after you launch?
That’s a great question! We’re going to apply for Coinmarketcap & Coingecko soon after MTVX has been launched and follow that with a big marketing push in which we’ll mention we just applied for Coinmarketcap & Coingecko. We believe that we’ll get listed within 24-36 hours resulting in a massive price increase. We’re confident our early investors won’t paper hand and miss these gainz.


Can I send my tokens to Coinbase to sell?
No, unfortunately, you cannot as Coinbase does not support BSC.
What is MultiVAC MTV anyway?
MultiVAC is a public blockchain (like BTC, ERC and BSC) designed for large-scale and complex applications. It is a pioneer of the miner selection paradigm that redefines sharding and smart contracts, as well as being intended for performance and flexibility. Because it lowers the miner threshold and allows anyone to readily join the network, we believe MTV is a 50-100x gemstone.
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