MTVX Growth Phase I

Launch on UniSwap (ETH) - Early December!
-Private sale: December 4th @ 17:00 UTC
-Public sale: December 7th @ TBA
  • What: deploy a new token on the ETH blockchain
  • Why: So we can deliver even greater rewards to our community
  • Marketing: raise awareness and create hype in ETH callout channels, Twitter, shill competitions, new mods for community engagement
  • Current status: We've launched a marketing initiative leading up to the private sale and it's delivered strong results so far!

MTVX Growth Phase II

Deploy ETH Bridge - as soon as we can after ETH launch!
  • What: Create a link between our BSC token and our ETH token
  • Why: By doing so, investors will be able to transfer MTVX tokens between the BSC and ETH blockchains and take advantage of different token values. The bridge will allow a community-driven arbitrage and roughly couple the token price on each blockchain. This means more rewards for hodlers!
  • When: we're aiming for December 7th or 8th
  • Current status: Our technology partner has been selected and we're working through the details of implementation.
Don't go anywhere fam...we're just getting started. To Valhalla, we ride!

Previous Achievements

Presale Events & Milestones

  • 2500+ Telegram members ✅
  • Raising awareness + marketing push ✅
  • NYC Billboard event ✅
  • Shilling competitions ✅
  • Private sale ✅
  • Presale on Pinksale ✅

Launch and Post-Launch

  • Increase your $ETH rewards by recruiting new investors and launching on PancakeSwap. Start giving out rewards to hodlrs!
    • DONE: PancakeSwap Launched! (11/22 17:00 UTC)
  • Allow you to track your $ETH rewards through a simple and easy-to-use dashboard. Quickly resolve stuck rewards.
    • DONE: Rewards Dashboard (Launched 11/24)
  • Increase your investment by spreading the news about our success to potential investors and growing our market cap. Deliver even more rewards to your wallet! Standby for a jump to lightspeed fam!
    • DONE: Big marketing push; influencers, shilling competitions, Twitter & PooCoin ads, YouTube videos, AMAs
    • DONE: Listing on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
  • Post-Launch Goals
    • Listing Coinmarketcap / CoinGecko
    • 5000+ Telegram members - In Progress
    • 3000+ holders - In Progress